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Sealing is not good? Choosing a pin adapter is very importan

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  The needle barrel adapter is widely used in the manual dispensing needle barrel. When working, the glue can be evenly transported out through the adapter and the needle barrel adapter. But when working, anti-ultraviolet needle barrel joint sealing is very important, if the sealing effect is not good will affect the glue flow, resulting in glue solidification, clogging problems, and so on, and manual dispensing needle barrel joint sealing and sellers'choice is more important.
Needle adapter

  Dispenser cartridge adapter seller

  Seller's manufacturing technology of dispensing needle barrel adapter determines the sealing performance of the adapter. If the seller's manufacturing technology of manually dispensing needle barrel adapter is not very good, abnormal glue flow rate and solidification of glue will occur during improper handling of the sealing performance, which will affect the normal work of the manual dispensing needle barrel. So the seller's choice is very important. China has sold anti-ultraviolet needle barrel adapter, in the use of sealing effect is better, and China also sells all types of dispensing equipment, dispensing needle barrel, needles, dispensing valves and other accessories.
The dispensing needle

  What are the reasons for the poor sealing performance of the cartridge adapter?

  In the process of dispensing production, if the sealing effect of manual dispensing needle barrel turning joint is too bad, it will affect the glue conveying fluency of dispensing equipment, and accelerate the solidification speed of glue in the feeding pipe and manual dispensing needle barrel, which will affect the glue flow rate and cause the glue blockage problem. If the damage to the sealing is not very serious, the use of anti-ultraviolet needle barrel in the dispensing process prone to glue overflow, glue dropping and other production problems, so before dispensing the product, check the sealing effect of the needle barrel adapter.
Needle adapter
  Whether the sealing performance is good or not has a lot to do with the barrel adapter seller, the middle system is a selling barrel adapter, the middle production of the barrel adapter in quality, sealing treatment is quite good.
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