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Various types of circular mixing pipes with various colors

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  The glue outlet of the circular mixing pipe can be equipped with a dispensing needle or a needle converter, and the glue can be mixed evenly when working. There are many colors and specifications to choose from in the dispensing market, and different types of circular-orifice mixing pipes are also different in the amount of glue, so users need to pay attention to the size of the outer diameter of the mixing pipes used in the selection.
Circular mixing pipe

  Application of circular mixing pipe

  Round-mouth mixing pipe is widely used in filling machine and manual dispensing links. It is widely assembled in two-component dispensing valve and manual dispensing gun. The dispensing needle can be assembled at the outlet of the dispensing valve. The glue can be mixed evenly in the application of the two-component dispensing valve. However, the length of the round-mouth mixing pipe should be considered before the application of the two-component dispensing valve. Degree, in order to avoid the length of the mixing pipe is not suitable for the two-component glue solidification problems, if there is in the circular mixing pipe glue solidification phenomenon, then the treatment is very troublesome, can only be replaced.
Circular mixing pipe

  Classification of circular mixing pipes

  Circular mixing pipe can be divided into static circular mixing pipe and dynamic mixing pipe from several aspects of scratching. Whether the spiral blade in the pipe can rotate quickly to complete glue mixing becomes the biggest difference between them. The circular mixing pipe outlet can be divided into flat mouth and pointed mouth. The flat mixing pipe can be matched with dispensing needle to complete dispensing production, while the outlet with pointed mouth can be directly dispensing production.
Circular mixing pipe
  The reason why it is called circular mixing pipe is mainly because the interface is circular, but in the market there are square mixing pipe, interface is defensive and so on. In addition to these, circular mixing pipes have the advantage of a wide variety of colors and models, and employees can choose the application according to the glue properties used to maintain the quality of dispensing production.
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