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Three direct dispensing needles

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Three-tube dispensing needle belongs to a kind of relatively rare needle, generally after the order, will be produced, relatively special few manufacturers will use this type of dispensing needle, and Dongguan has a manufacturer called Chinese dispensing machine, can be customized multi-tube needle, such as stainless steel double-tube needle, three-tube dispensing needle Multi tube dispensing needles.
Needle making technology in China
Making a multi-tube dispensing needle is twice as difficult as making a single-tube needle. Because each pipe is very small, it is very easy to be discarded carelessly. We are all using integrated digital technology to meet the production conditions. These machines are basically made abroad, cutting precision can reach 0.001 mm range, very much. High precision, multi tube needle customization can be achieved in Chinese manufacturers.
多管点胶针头 Direct sale by manufacturer
Our Chinese manufacturer can sell three-tube dispensing needles directly without passing through the distributor, directly from the manufacturer, and then to the customer's hands. The price is more reasonable. Choosing the Chinese manufacturer to produce three-tube dispensing needles will not disappoint the manufacturer, because we have deposited for many years in the production of dispensing needles industry, has been rich. Manufacturing experience, each needle can be manufactured according to the requirements of manufacturers, each needle precision is basically the same, the maximum error is not more than 0.01 mm range.
Price of multi tube needles
Stainless steel double-tube needles take a long time to make, although the price is reasonable, but compared with other dispensing needles, the price is still more expensive, but multi-tube dispensing needles have two advantages, such as can point two or more adhesive points at the same time, dispensing precision is very high, for dispensing industry restrictions are quite large, only Can be used in the same product, flat row for dispensing, other industries can hardly meet the requirements of dispensing, even if the use will lead to problems.
三管点胶针头 To customize multi-tube needles, or choose a Chinese manufacturer, because we have a large number of dispensing needles machine, so multi-tube dispensing needles high production efficiency, in a short time can provide a large number of stainless steel double-tube needles or three-tube dispensing needles for your use, multi-tube needles customization please choose a Chinese manufacturer.
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