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Flexible dispensing needles made of PP material

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Flexible dispensing needle is made of PP material. It can use instant dry glue, shadow-free glue, epoxy resin glue, propylene, sealant, hot melt glue and so on. It can use flexible dispensing needle of PP as control product. The needle type here is basically clamp type, simple and low price, which meets the production needs of manufacturers.
Price of plastic needles
The price of all plastic dispensing needle is the lowest among all needles, basically in the range of 0.3 yuan. Generally, the price of iron products is in the range of 1 yuan. The cost of using one iron needle every day is quite high. If using PP flexible dispensing needle as the core of production dispensing accessories, the cost can be reduced a lot, PP. Material is the most commonly used material for making all plastic dispensing needles, and is also most suitable for domestic use of glue types.
Type of needle made of Pp material
塑料点胶针头 PP flexible dispensing needle can meet various types of glue requirements, each needle will have its own independent role, such as PP flexible needle can achieve light-proof, control accuracy is good, and style types will be more, such as specifications of 13g to 34g, color categories are more than 10, there are many types of inner diameter, to meet. A lot of industry demand, plastic dispensing needle is our main dispensing accessories, Teflon needle is also in production, but are used in a specific type of glue.
铁氟龙针头 It is impossible to produce all types of plastic dispensing needles at present, because there are too many types and all the medium-sized needles are also part of the production. If you need a large quantity, you can customize them in our factory. The PP flexible dispensing needle is the type we often produce. We need to buy the flexible dispensing needles which can be made in 阿里巴巴 or 阿里巴巴. You can also call the 15766102171 hotline on the official website.
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