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Can be customized flat-mouthed soft wool needles or customiz

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The dispensing needle is able to determine the quality of dispensing gel, which kind of dispensing needle to choose has a great relationship with the industry. For example, flat-mouth brush needle is generally used for industrial gluing. Like the brush, it can be used for gluing, while machine gluing is more uniform. If stainless steel needle is used, the gluing effect is not as good as flat-mouth brush needle.
Soft brush needle and hard brush needle
软毛刷针头 Brush needle is called hair needle. It is also divided into soft needle and hard needle. There are round brush needle and flat brush needle in specifications. The effect of choosing flat brush needle for gluing is better. The shape and nature of dispensing needle are directly related to the dispensing industry. How to choose hair needle is relatively simple, such as using groove or bulge for soft needle. The product is glued, while the hard hair dispensing needle is a balanced product.
Distinction and parameters of brush needles
毛刷针头 These products are planned to enable customers to better choose their own dispensing needles, with you to introduce the characteristics of needles with hair.
Flat-mouthed brush needle: the material is hard and soft, the soft-wool needle is white, the hard-wool needle is yellow, the specifications are 14g to 27g, the width is 2mm to 14mm, the soft-wool needle is more commonly used, the general industry can use, but the use time is not long, the hard-wool needle will not drop hair, and flat-mouthed brush needle is characterized by high flexibility in gluing.
Round brush needle: The parameters are basically the same, but there are differences. Round brush needle, unlike flat brush needle, can be used for coating, while it is used for dispensing, can be applied to pneumatic dispensing machine and manual dispensing gun.
Applicable glue types
毛刷针头 There are many industries where needles with hair can be used. The types of glue that can be used are generally good fluidity glue, such as lubricating oil, heat dissipation paste, coating materials, ink, flux, etc. The minimum glue output is 0.1 mm, which can not meet the general requirements of dispensing valve, but it has a good effect in coating. This is the flat-mouthed brush we produce. Needle, if you need a brush dispensing needle, you can call the hotline 13928403389.
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