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A large number of stainless steel dispensing needles with pl

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Guide: The plastic seat stainless steel dispensing needle belongs to the needle tube is stainless steel, and the clamp belongs to plastic. The combination of the two materials can reduce the cost and ensure the quality of the dispensing. The general stainless steel clamp needle is very difficult to manufacture. It is only possible to use one card of the machine mould for plastic production, and the cost is also cheaper.
Plastic Steel Needle Used Glue
塑钢针头 All stainless steel dispensing needle is usually used in the need of heating to dispense glue, such as: hot melt glue and red glue, and plastic seat stainless steel dispensing needle is not used in these industries, but many types of glue can be used, such as: yellow glue, epoxy resin glue, butter, bonding glue, etc., generally with mobile glue can be used! And the cost is not very high, this plastic seat stainless steel dispensing needle belongs to the automatic stainless steel dispensing needle and plastic dispensing needle.
Plastic stainless steel dispensing needle parameters:
Model: ZZ-05
Specification: 14g~32g
塑钢针头 Material: stainless steel + PP plastic
Clamp type: flat head and screw
Price of General Plastic Steel Needle
Plastic seat stainless steel dispensing needle is also known as plastic steel dispensing needle. In dispensing needle, it belongs to the type of needle which is used more frequently. Each dispensing needle may be discarded. Therefore, the manufacturing cost will be reduced, not using the right stainless steel dispensing needle, but also can reduce the production cost of the manufacturer. Without affecting the quality of dispensing needle, it really can. Reduce cost. The price of plastic-steel dispensing needle can be as low as 0.08 yuan.
塑钢针头 There are many types of needles for intermediate production
Plastic seat stainless steel dispensing needle is still in great need of use at present. Although there are dispensing equipment without dispensing needle, the production cost is too high, many manufacturers can not accept such price, choose lower-end dispensing equipment, then lower production cost is to reduce the burden. We not only produce flat-end dispensing needle, but also plastic dispensing needle, and so on. Many medium-sized dispensing needles are available. Welcome to order.
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