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Durable plastic-steel dispensing needle for medium and high

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There are many kinds of dispensing needles used to dispense glue with automatic dispensing equipment. The needles with medium and high viscosity are recommended by users. There are differences between plastic steel needles and ordinary plastic needles. This paper will briefly provide the characteristics and uniqueness of plastic steel needles for dispensing glue.
Multi-specification plastic-steel dispensing needle
High durability and long service life
Plastic steel materials are widely used in the construction industry. They have good anti-oxidation rigidity elasticity and good anti-corrosive ability. They can prevent the flow of corrosive glue with partial corrosion from affecting the texture of dispensing needle nozzles. Compared with ordinary plastic needles, the durability of plastic steel dispensing needles is higher. At the same time, plastic steel dispensing needles can use a variety of different types of fluids to finish dispensing and dispensing needles. The influence of the mouth is low, so plastic-steel dispensing needle is widely used in many dispensing equipment.
Screw-moulded steel dispensing needle
Alleviate the frequency of glue clogging
At the same time, plastic steel material has good thermal insulation performance. If the glue viscosity is too high and the fluidity is poor, it may partially block the bottom of the dispensing nozzle, while properly heated glue has good fluidity and plastic steel material has a certain thermal insulation effect, which prevents heat loss and reduces fluidity when the glue flows. Therefore, there is a certain contribution to the frequency of glue blockage in the links, and the temperature of the flowing glue will not be affected. The influence causes solidification to block the nozzle of dispensing needle.
Disposable dispensing needle
The size of plastic steel dispensing needle nozzle is optional. The medium-sized support can provide a variety of specifications of plastic steel dispensing needle. The fine workmanship and small internal diameter error are guaranteed. Interested parties please call: 13928403389.
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