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Recommend a compact, high-precision dispensing needle

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The dispensing needle, which is a part of glue dispensing machine, has been paid more and more attention by many users. The more sophisticated the product, the more precise the dispensing needle is needed to drip glue stably and accurately for a long time. There are fewer needles which can meet the characteristics of high precision. Here, a dispensing needle suitable for high precision dispensing will be recommended to users. This needle is a dispensing needle made of plastic steel, which is suitable for multiple dispensing needles. Production and use in different industries.
Disposable dispensing needle
High hardness, strong and durable dispensing accessories
Plastic steel dispensing needle is the most common and most durable dispensing needle among many needles. Because of its many specifications and the ability to maintain long-term use of constant deformation and affect accuracy, it is also called high-precision dispensing needle in the industry. Plastic steel has good corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance, durable and cost-effective, and the locking threads at the top can be more firmly fastened to the valve. So it belongs to durable high precision dispensing needle.
Screw-moulded steel dispensing needle
It can be used for dispensing of many equipments.
Needle barrel or rubber valve can lock and cooperate with dispensing glue. Needle size is between 144-34G. The quality of plastic steel can support the flow of corrosive fluid or medium-high viscosity fluid. The wear degree of plastic steel needle tip when dispensing is small, which has little influence on the effect of high-precision dispensing. It supports users to use it for a long time in various batches and high-precision production lines and is firm. Solid and not easy to adhere to residual glue wire drawing, more in line with the name of high precision and high strength dispensing needle, whether manual dispensing machine or automatic dispensing machine can choose plastic and steel dispensing needle for dispensing.
Multi-specification plastic-steel dispensing needle
Plastic steel dispensing needle has strong versatility, high rigidity, low cost and good precision glue control effect, so it is worthy of high precision dispensing needle.
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