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Why the needles are called consumables

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Dispensing needles, as one of the most important parts of dispensers, are often used in dispensing. They are often replaced because they are often used in the process of use, so they are also called consumables. Dispenser is often used to transport glue to finish dispensing when dispensing. So we should know the common problems of dispensing needles before studying the dispensing needles. What are the common problems of dispensing needles? What components are also called consumables?
Multi tube stainless steel dot glue needle
There are a lot of parts that can be referred to as consumables in the dispensing machine, and most of these parts are in the transmission system in the glue dispenser. This is because the components in the transmission system are basically related to glue or other components. For example, the conveyor belts for carrying glue, the bearings and slide tracks of the driving belt are all consumables.
Single tube stainless steel dot glue needle
If these parts and dispensing needle comparison, is due to the dispensing of internal accessories, is to transfer to the glue, because in the work process will produce friction and glue, so called supplies is also possible, but the frequency of replacing its different dispensing needle. The wear resistance of the needles of different materials is different because of the different production methods of the needles. For example, stainless steel needles, TT needles, and flat mouth needles. So many different kinds of needles, some are made of stainless steel wear resistance strong, so its service life is long: some are all using plastic as raw materials for production, so the wear resistance of the needle head is slightly worse than the stainless steel material, but this kind of needle because the material price is cheap, so the finished products made from stainless steel needles are much cheaper compared to.
Precision stainless steel dot glue needle
Therefore, when we use the needles, we can carefully consider the needles in need of different needs and conditions.
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