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TT dispensing needle for high viscosity substance control

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The dispensing needle is one of the sub-categories of all plastic dispensing needles, and its simple configuration and suitable for high viscosity glue are its remarkable characteristics, which is also one of the reasons for its reuse.
Plastic dispensing needle
The value of TT oblique needle
The TT dispensing needle introduced in this paper is oblique. The tapered shape makes it possible to smoothly control the flow point of high viscosity material fluid. It not only has good fluidity but also has no direct impact on blockage. The top thread is used to reinforce and prevent the needle from falling when it is used. TT dispensing needle has many specifications and multi-color selection, which is used to finish dispensing of semi-finished products with different glue droplets. Therefore, it has the characteristics of strong practicability, good compatibility and wide application range in all-plastic dispensing needle.
All plastic precision dispensing needle
The influence of dispensing on needles
It is well known that the durability of all-plastic dispensing needle is worse than that of metal needle such as stainless steel. It is mainly reflected in material hardness and other aspects. The oblique structure of TT dispensing needle mainly enhances the flowability of glue. It can be used for dropping glue on the surface of products with low hardness. The flame retardant effect of this thermoplastic rubber material is not strong, and the glue flowing with partial erosion effect or high heat may not be available. This is not only the shortcoming of this needle, but also the difficulty that the plastic dispensing needle is difficult to solve completely.
Dispensing and colouring of ornaments
Even so, TT dispensing needle has become the main consumables because of its simple and low cost. Users need to customize the needle in batches. Call Mr. Wang: 13928403389.
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