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Where the needles are cheaper

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In the purchase of the glue needles, the quality is almost the same if there are two kinds of the same kind of glue needles. So we can choose the low price point glue needle at this time, so you need to know the price of the glue needle is cheaper first.
Before answering the question of price, we should first know what effect the material of the needles will have on its price.
Precision dispensing needle
The glue needles are usually installed at the top part of the syringes, which mainly play the role of gluing glue to carry on the glue. The dispensing needle manufacturing industry in distribution and dispensing machine in China, are less than the north south. The coastal inland. This is because the relationship between the two products is the relationship of complementary goods, so the two products are inseparable. The technology of dispensing needles and dispensers in China is self-sufficient at present, but the new technology of dispensers abroad is more advanced than that of our dispensing equipment. Now one component dispensing machine production technology in our country has been mature, but in the dispensing machine automation and precision dispensing equipment compared with foreign or not enough.
Brush needle
At present, there are many kinds of needles used on the glue dispenser, for example, AB glue needles, high precision glue needles and so on. Material dispensing their sometimes completely different, we made use of needles, most materials are plastic and metal, plastic materials other than the cost of dispensing is cheaper, but is made of full plastic needle most is too small, can now all plastic dispensing needle production, only the most representative TT dispensing needle.
Plastic needles
At present, the cheaper place of dispensing needles is in the Guangzhou area, because there are more businesses gathered, the production of dispensing needles is large and the competition is fierce, so the price of dispensing needles is relatively cheaper.
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