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Dispensing Machine Accessories - Conical Needles with Multi-

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There are many kinds of dispensing needles. Different kinds of needles should be selected according to the industry application. The tapered needle made of PP material can be used in the production links of plane sealant for products that are not easy to contact. It can prevent scratches on the surface of materials for electronic products or products with softer materials. The special structure design has more obvious effect on enhancing the fluidity and can be used for materials. In order to prevent damage to the surface, the spherical bulb lamp gluing and filter gluing are required.
Polychromatic PP Conical Needle
Advantages of PP needles
Conical needle is a dispensing needle made of PP material. It is suitable for most viscose fluids to be applied on the surface. The conical structure of funnel-shaped design can promote the flow effect of glue. According to this characteristic, it can be used to control the flow of medium-high viscosity liquid for gluing and gluing. It can also be used to complete the application links of plane sealant filling of various products. The assembly is simple and suitable for various applications. It can be used to prevent scratches and stabilize gluing for bulb lamp gluing or filter gluing. The screw tooth design can also promote the leakage prevention of conical needle when it is used. It is a kind of gluing needle for continuous work of batch filter gluing production line.
Glue filling for round bulb lamp
Applicable effect of industry application is strong
The inner material of transparent bulb lamp can be glued with tapered needle. The needle made of PP material has some UV light shielding additives. So it supports controlling the use of UV ultraviolet glue for bonding. When glued with bulb lamp, it can achieve high accuracy and speed of the collimation from UV glue point to bonding surface, and prevent scratches from being reflected by soft PP. The tapered needle is suitable for spherical bulb. The main reason of bulb glue filling is that soft texture will not scratch the surface of bulb lamp after passing. The same application in filter glue coating and product surface sealing can also play a good role in upgrading.
Ball bulb filling
The medium-sized P P tapered needle can help the ball bulb lamp and other types of products to produce glue at the seals of filling products. It has obvious glue dispensing effects such as strong application effect, high control accuracy and scratch prevention.
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