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Precision dispensing needle selection for dispensing coating

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The dispensing needle installed at the bottom of the rubber valve or needle is often overlooked by users. The value of the small dispensing needle to improve the accuracy can not be ignored. This paper introduces a special dispensing needle for users to use. It can be used in infusion device gluing and a variety of cover plate gluing reinforcement. The specifications of this long needle can be used in high-precision gluing requirements. The following is a brief introduction to the long needle for dispensing glue.
Long dispensing needle
Brief Introduction to the Characteristic and Function of Long Needle
Most of the long needles for dispensing glue are made of stainless steel. They have good corrosion resistance and high pressure resistance. Their size is light and they can be connected to the dispensing valve or the dispensing needle barrel assembly for continuous dispensing. The plastic steel base has the characteristics of environmental protection and durability. The needle tube of this long needle is thin and long, which can control for a long time to provide a small amount of glue. The long needle and the plastic steel base can be assembled continuously dispensing glue. The tight connection can effectively prevent the influence of drip leakage, so it can be used in mass production of infusion applicator or cover plate to maintain the common index of accuracy and efficiency for a long time. The full size of long needle is convenient for users to choose.
Long tungsten needle
Why is the precision of glue production high?
This kind of long needle for dispensing is suitable for precise control of dispensing links. No hairy edge processing affects the quality. It is suitable for the precise control links of dispensing in infusion apparatus. The uniform bonding and strengthening strength of dispensing path is guaranteed. The quality of cover plate is greatly improved by the use of glue coating. The inner and outer wall polishing of main dispensing needle and the chamfering of steel pipe end face are used to improve the accuracy. It is greatly strengthened to make it suitable for assembly and application of precision dispensing machine or visual dispensing equipment.
Glue application for infusion apparatus
Medium-sized automation can provide long needles with multiple specifications for dispensing, helping users to select suitable sizes and specifications for dispensing in a variety of industries.
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