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Introduction of plastic seat bending needle for dispensing m

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The important role of dispensing needle (dropping needle tube) is embodied in the use of carriers loaded into rubber valves, needle barrels, etc. In some industries, a special bending needle is needed to uniformly coat the fine seams, which is reflected in the difficulty of sealing the fine seams of some packaging boxes and circuit boards. Most needles are not suitable for the special offset fine seams of the circuit board. Packaging box sealing and other applications, and the bending characteristics of this needle can be used for special types of slit filling dispensing applications, good applicability for sealing coatings and other industries has higher application value, more characteristics and operation effect than the general dripping needle tube.
Plastic steel bend dispensing needle
Special Manufacturing Technology of Bending Needle
Bending point glue needle is a special accessory after polishing, and it is treated by depilation process to improve the bonding performance. The screw is bent deep into the slit to point glue and coat. This special drop glue needle tube is easy to point glue on the non-contact surface to seal the coating. 45 degree folding bending is suitable for special shape packaging box sealing and circuit board coating and bonding applications. The double helix locking of the plastic seat is used. It is easy to assemble and disassemble dispensing valve or dispensing needle barrel. The needle seat is locked by double helix and rotated in large area. The bending needle cooperates with the execution for a long time in bending position to stabilize the precision, high quality and stability of the coating.
Curved 45-degree needle
Application Requirements of Some Special Industries
Most industries use straight needles for dripping syringes. This means that special types of circuit boards need to use curved needles for dispensing, and some binders are applied at the slit position of the upper electronic components. The application of general types of straight needles for dripping syringes in this field can not be fully suited to the effect of industry production. It often occurs that the control of coating materials on circuit boards is not good or the alignment is inaccurate. This is the limitation of straight dispensing needle in this respect. The needle tube with bending structure can be used for dispensing this part of the fine seam adhesive. The function and application value of the adhesive in circuit board coating will be enhanced. The application link of packaging box sealing with bending gluing demand can also choose this dispensing needle as one of the auxiliary parts for gluing.
Multi-specification curved needle
The application of bending needle for dispensing is mainly focused on the need of filling compound in some special slits. The bonding of printed circuit board or packaging box is only needed in a few aspects. According to the current situation, only those industries that need special application can use this kind of bending needle for dispensing.
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