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Will there be a problem with the precision needles

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All the precise dispensing machines cannot finish the perfect dispensing when dispensing. The location of dispensing glue sometimes deviate. Do the dispensing needles also have problems? If there is a problem of dispensing needles, how can we solve them?
Precision stainless steel dot glue needle
No matter how advanced the equipment is, there will be a certain deviation in the work, and the dispensing machine is no exception. There are many reasons for the deviation of the spot glue position. For example, the connection between the needles and the syringes is not strong, which leads to the deviation of the hair of the dot glue needle when the glue machine touches the product. How do you avoid this phenomenon in the daily glue assignment? The solution is that you can change the dispensing needle, use the screw thread dispensing needle which is connected with the dispensing needle tube to stabilize the dispensing operation, and the other one is the error phenomenon when the dispensing needle moves. In this way, you can adjust the main control system of the glue dispenser to adjust the glue coordinates.
Precision dispenser needle
Of course, the reason for the needling of the needles itself will lead to the appearance of the dispensing error. If you need to use the glue needle for a long time to glue, it will cause wear and tear, which is also a reason. Therefore, it is also indicated that the glue needle will appear the problem of glue in a long time. So what are the problems of the needles themselves?
Syringe needle
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