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Flat-mouthed Soft Hair Needle Direct Supply with Uniform Glu

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There are many special types of dispensing needles for different applications. This needle with no injuries and uniform gluing is called flat-mouthed soft wool needle. The structure of soft wool at the bottom is to prevent the problem of scratching the surface of dispensing needle at high speed. Therefore, this soft wool needle is mainly suitable for many low-viscosity filling sealants or primers. For inks, paints and other applications, nylon brushes are made of nylon to ensure the uniformity and stability of the long-term application of the adhesive and not easy to drop hair.
Details of Fur Needle
Flat-mouthed soft wool needle is made of high-quality PP pipe. For example, the coating filling material for flexible circuit board viscose is used to coat the non-damaged parts with this special dispensing needle and uniformly coat the adhesive. The mainstream size is 144G-34G. It is used in low viscosity filling adhesive, bottom coating agent boiling, catalyst, lubricant, flux, etc. 。 Flat-mouthed soft wool and round-mouthed soft wool are different from each other. Round-mouthed soft wool can control and cover the position of adhesive. It is difficult to achieve a stable coating path role in gluing. Flat-mouthed soft wool needle is suitable for the effect of path coating after the needle scrapes the viscose surface and controls the uniform gluing effect of path. Superior, in the flexible circuit board viscose links of uniformity can see the role of this nylon brush needle composition.
Flat-mouthed brush dispensing needle
Non-injured parts play an important role in the electronic industry
As a kind of soft wool needle, it can not hurt the parts. At the same time, the stability of uniform coating along the path is also one of the original intention of the industry to choose this dispensing needle. Because this needle does not hurt the parts, it is suitable for low viscosity filling glue and other glue, so it is mainly suitable for industries with material and appearance requirements, such as flexible circuit board glue. Flexible circuit board has low hardness and high quality requirement. If ordinary metal dispensing needle is not controlled properly, it will directly cause surface scratch. Therefore, flat-mouthed soft wool needle without injuries needs to be applied. Meanwhile, flat-mouthed soft wool needle with uniform distribution features supports setting paths through the coating surface, and many kinds of low-viscous used for viscose. The degree pouring sealant is applied to the surface and belongs to a kind of nylon brush for dispensing.
Hard brush dispensing needle
The nylon brush has excellent toughness, self-lubrication, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, gas permeability, oil resistance and non-toxicity. Therefore, the flat-mouthed soft wool needle of the same material is more durable and has better application effect.
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