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Standard allocation of dispensing machine screw injection ne

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With the development of dispensing technology, the use of glue injection needle has been applied more intensively. The screw injection needle belongs to the auxiliary equipment of standard glue injection. It can be connected to the dispensing valve or dispensing needle barrel and reinforced to control the in-situ glue injection. Compared with single tube metal needle, it has wide applicability, simple cost and easy operation, and belongs to the simplicity of standard allocation. Accessories.
The screw injection needle can be controlled by a variety of low and medium viscosity fluids. The linear structure of the fluids enables the compound to flow steadily to the bonding position and coat the glue to ensure the stability of the glue without wire drawing. At the same time, the good plasticity can alleviate the influence of the glue sticking to the plugging of the injection needle. It is suitable for seam sealing of aluminium material or plastic shell of air conditioning. Viscose and other requirements in the application of precision coating.
Screw moulded steel needle
Describe the characteristics of screw needle
The standard screw injection needle has comprehensive applicability and low cost compared with the special single-tube metal needle. Therefore, it can be used to control the glue production from various viscous fluids. Of course, it can also supply the glue with high viscous glue to ensure the pressure of the glue and the stable supply of the glue does not cure at the glue outlet, thus avoiding the influence of blockage. It can connect dispensing needle barrel or dispensing valve freely to control the effect of location glue. The unique double thread design at the top can completely connect the screw injection needle to the fixed position of screw. It can operate the injection for a long time without easily falling off. It can ensure the stability and achieve the required precision and quality of injection, so as to prevent dragging wire. The main specifications can be chosen freely between 144G and 34G according to the need. The precise quality control of the injection needle has greatly enhanced its application in aluminum seam sealing or air-conditioning plastic shell viscose links.
Multi-specification plastic screw injection needle
Functions of industry application
Some small aluminium joints need to be coated with some glue to achieve sealing effect. Selection of standard screw injection needle can meet this requirement. Selection of appropriate size of glue injection point can be done because different specifications of injection needle will affect the size of glue injection point. Selection of glue injection seal according to the position and size of aluminium joint. The size of the rubber needle can be connected to the dispensing valve or the dispensing needle barrel. It can be put into use by rotating and fixing the spiral groove. Compared with the single tube metal needle, it is simple and easy to operate. As the standard accessories of the dispensing machine, the precision control of the seam sealing of the aluminium material has become a factor to guarantee the quality rate.
Fine seam bonding of small aluminium materials
Screw injection needle is a standard part of many automatic dispensing equipment, which can be used as one of the components to control the precision of injection, dispensing and glue filling.
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