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Introduction of High Precision Dispensing Needle for Control

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With the development of dispensing technology, the demand for dispensing needle is higher and higher. The accuracy of dispensing depends not only on the dispensing valve, but also on the accuracy of dispensing needle. It has a great impact on the dispensing effect, especially in the micro-dispensing industry such as LED and optical communication. Therefore, the high-precision dispensing needle has its own advantages.
Plastic steel precision dispensing needle
The merits and demerits of needles will directly affect the quality of point colloid. When selecting dispensing needles, be sure to specify the actual dispensing requirements. If the dispensing operation requires a small point, then in order to achieve this high accuracy, you should choose a smaller size needle. If you want to dispense quickly in a short time, you can choose a larger size of high-precision dispensing needle. Sometimes the fluid is more viscous, which undoubtedly brings some difficulties to our dispensing operation. At this time, you should choose inclined high-precision dispensing needle for long-term dispensing. Because of the unique design of the oblique needle, the fluid flow inside the needle is very smooth, so the oblique needle is suitable for most fluids. Usually the thicker fluid depends on the "help" of the oblique needle.
Bending precision dispensing needle
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