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Different types of Teflon needles

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Teflon dispensing needle
Large needles are used for dispensing operation, in which the pressure is relatively small and the dispensing time is long. Use hand-held teaching boxes to set the pressure to be stable, otherwise the performance of glass dispenser will be very low, such as: PTFE needle dispensing in the glass industry. If the control parameters are not set properly, it is easy to cause too much glue on the glass. Poor dispensing will affect the quality of glue.
Fluorone dispensing needle for soft Metro
Teflon needle
The small Teflon needle is used for high pressure and short glue time. The small needle is used for glue with poor viscosity. The length of dispensing time should be set according to the dispensing requirements. In the preventive measures of dispenser, the incorrect setting of parameters leads to poor dispensing.
Flexible Metro Fluorone Needle
Teflon oblique needle
The oblique needle in Teflon needle is usually used in some dispensing operations. The pressure is too high and the glue viscosity is high. The dispensing length should be different according to the difference. Dispensing requirements. Adjustment, these are the preventive measures of dispensing machine. Special attention should be paid to dispensing, otherwise it will cause many dispensing problems.
Common scratch-proof needles
Therefore, Teflon needles need to be configured according to the dispensing requirements of glass dispenser, and the specifications are different. For some special glue, it is necessary to make changes according to the actual operation requirements to ensure that the quality of dispensing glue is qualified to avoid preventive measures.
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