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What is a syringe needle? Importance of application in indus

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In the injection moulding of electronic products, the syringe is responsible for extruding the glue onto the adhesive surface. The size of the needle determines the amount of glue flowing out, including its length and shape, to ensure the stability of the injection quality of electronic products. The selection of the needle needs to be carried out according to the requirements.
First of all, we need to distinguish the difference between the needle and the medical needle. The medical needle is thin and durable, and the appearance of the needle is thicker and stronger.
Teflon syringe needle
The dispensing machine is mainly used in industrial production line. It has high working intensity, high efficiency and can select more accurate needles. It can be used for injection of high precision products. Stainless steel needle is a relatively durable needle for injection, which has good durability and high strength. It is suitable for dispensing glue with different glue. Even if it has some corrosive glue, it can also be used to complete the injection. The disadvantage is its small size. Precision chip injection molding accuracy is not high. Because of its large caliber and large amount of glue, it is easy to make glue overflow or damage objects. Therefore, the impact of injection molding on small products can not meet the requirements of the whole industry.
Stainless steel dispensing needle
Choose different needles according to the nature of the product
If you want to glue small workpiece, you can use plastic injection needle for glue injection. This kind of needle is mainly made of polypropylene staple fibers. The polypropylene staple fibers are too soft to cause damage to the workpiece when dispensing glue. The size of the needle can be adjusted according to the injection requirements. The disadvantage is contrary to the former. Unable to meet the high-intensity production work, injection needles inject relatively small amount of glue, which depends on the demand of injection production.
Multiple Types of Plastic Steel Injection Needles
This paper introduces the common high precision needle for injection needle. There is a thin wall above the needle. It can use high flow glue in small diameter needle, which can reduce glue blockage. Because of the higher price, users should choose according to the situation.
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