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Special stainless steel jacket dispensing needle has complet

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Dispensing needle is an important accessory of dispensing machine. The selection of dispensing needle determines the quality and effect of dispensing work. It will improve the effect of selecting high-performance and high-quality distribution needles for distribution. Stainless steel jacket dispensing needle plays an important role in the production and manufacture to ensure that the needle tip is accurate, firm and burr-free to meet different dispensing requirements.
Long dispensing needle
  Stainless steel jacket dispensing needle is a special kind of stainless steel needle, which is made of stainless steel material to make it have higher durability and service life, and has excellent performance of moisture proof and corrosion resistance. It can be installed on dispensing machine to dispensing various requirements more smoothly and meet the production requirements of different industries. The dispensing needle with stainless steel jacket enhances the control range of dispensing amount and can be used for path coating and seam filling. This is a fully functional and durable and practical dispensing needle. The stainless steel clamp dispensing needle is suitable for dispensing all kinds of dispensing fluids. The uniform and high alignment of coating can effectively improve the quality and efficiency of dispensing. The manufacture of high-quality stainless steel provides conditions for the stable feeding and coating of dispensing machine. The stainless steel clamp dispensing needle Appeared to meet the user's more dispensing requirements
Stainless steel clamp needle
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