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Continuous production and selection of precision dispensing

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The needle of precise dispensing valve is a needle accessory which requires higher and stricter precision in dispensing production. The needle of precise dispensing valve can be used in patch dispensing industry. There are many kinds of dispensing needles. Users also need to consider the appropriate variety of needles for selection, and the selection of precision dispensing needles will have higher advantages.
Precision plastic-coated steel needle
With the development of various dispensing technologies, the demand for dispensing needles is getting higher and higher. The accuracy of dispensing needles depends not only on the dispensing valves, but also on the dispensing effect. Especially in the micro-dispensing industry such as light emitting diodes and optical communications, the high-precision dispensing needles play their own advantages.
The rubber outlet used by the precise dispensing needle of dispensing valve has the characteristics of high precision, metal and thin wall. It belongs to the precise inclined nozzle. The internal structure formed by its unique thin-wall inclined structure can produce the maximum flow output with the minimum pressure.
Plastic coated needle tube
(1) Choosing precise dispensing needle can avoid blockage and wire drawing.
(2) High flow rate/high precision/high cost performance
(3) Products of different specifications are marked with different colors.
(4) Thin-walled technology enables products with smaller diameters to have larger flow rates
(5) The application of the required heat technology is ideal, which reduces the waste time in the cleaning process.
(6) Effectively reduce the conveying pressure, improve the conveying performance of rubber volume and prolong the service life of equipment.
Disposable precision dispensing needle
Therefore, it is feasible to select precise dispensing needle for maintaining good control of glue coating.
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