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Specification announcement of stainless steel dispensing nee

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Now there are more and more types of dispensing heads for customers to choose from. Customers can choose from the specifications of various dispensing needles. There are many kinds of materials of dispensing machine now, but the most commonly used one is stainless steel dispensing needles. Stainless steel material has little wear and corrosion resistance in long-term use, so it can adapt to most dispensing needs, and also can make the service life of dispensing needle longer.
Front and rear stainless steel needles
Because of these advantages of stainless steel dispensing needles, there are many specifications of stainless steel dispensing needles, such as 3.0mm, 2.5mm, and a quarter of an inch of internal diameter, etc., which are suitable for the basic dispensing industry.
So how to choose the type of dispensing needle? We need to choose the size of the dispensing needle according to your own dispensing accuracy and dispensing requirements. If you need a higher dispensing accuracy, you can choose a smaller dispensing needle. However, this kind of needle may leak glue. At this time, you can consider replacing a larger dispensing needle.
Stainless steel dispensing needle box
Of course, there are many specifications of dispensing needles of various materials. It's not necessary to choose stainless steel dispensing needles. This depends on your dispensing requirements. For details, you can ask online customer service on the official website of China system. He will recommend dispensing needles to you according to your needs.
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