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Manufacturers can supply multi specification bayonet dispens

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The quality of dispensing needle determines the working quality of dispensing machine. If the selected dispensing needle is not good, the dispensing effect of the best dispensing machine will not be very good. Choosing a good dispensing needle can reflect the dispensing quality of the dispensing machine. For example, a bayonet dispensing needle is a good choice. Its tip is very hard and has no burr. Its dispensing quality can meet the requirements of a large number of customers.
  The bayonet dispensing needle is a kind of special stainless steel dispensing needle, because it is made of stainless steel, which makes it better than the conventional needle in the case of wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Its fine tip makes the glue output more easily controlled. The bayonet dispensing needle is a relatively comprehensive range of use.
  The design of the bayonet makes it run stably when it is installed on the dispensing machine. It can complete some dispensing operations with special needs perfectly without any fixed instability. The bayonet dispensing needle is a very practical dispensing needle.
  Users can choose whether to use the bayonet dispensing needle according to their own products. If you only need to order one glue, you don't think it's necessary to choose this kind of dispensing needle. If you need to order several different glues, you are recommended to use this kind of needle.
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