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Which manufacturer in Dongguan can customize PP needles?

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PP needle customization can be customized by which manufacturer. In Tangxia, Dongguan, there is a manufacturer specializing in dispensing equipment, which can produce customized PP dispensing needles. The maximum size of conventional flexible dispensing needles is only 25g, and the inner diameter is 0.05mm. If smaller dispensing needles are needed, customization is needed, and customization is required.
  Flexible dispensing customization cost
  Flexible dispensing needle is a kind of soft needle, all of which are made of injection molding materials, so it is difficult to produce. If the opening diameter and inner diameter are wrong, the whole PP dispensing needle will not reach the standard, and the opening price of a mold is about 60000, the cost is very high. Generally, the manufacturer will not easily connect the customized needle. Our Chinese system usually starts to customize the needle with 100000 bottoms, at least The mold will not lose money.
  The size of the needle indicates the glue output and dispensing accuracy. For the glue dispensing needle used for yellow glue dispensing, plastic glue dispensing needle or plastic steel glue dispensing needle can be used. According to the manufacturer's requirements for glue dispensing accuracy and quantity, plastic glue dispensing needle is used for larger flow, with higher accuracy. Plastic steel glue dispensing needle is used for protection. In order to protect the product, flexible glue dispensing needle needs to be heated and stainless steel is used Dispensing needle, this is the basic use of dispensing needle. If the market does not meet the requirements of conventional needles, the dispensing needles will be customized, which is one of the reasons for the customization of PP needles.
PP needle customization
  Not all manufacturers can customize PP needles. In fact, many of them are suppliers. It costs too much to open the machine for application. There is no big order and they can't withstand it at all. So the manufacturers develop needles from other manufacturers without taking risks. Then they buy them by themselves. If you need flexible dispensing needles, you can find our Dongguan Zhongzhi dispensing manufacturer!
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