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Antistatic dispensing needle

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Have you heard about the anti-static dispensing needle? Today, it's coming. There may be some doubts about the manufacturers of such needles. Why the dispensing needles need to be static electricity to achieve better dispensing. Static electricity has the ability of adsorption, which can solve the problem of bubbles in the glue. After the static electricity absorbs the glue, the glue will naturally bubble, and the dispensing effect will not be affected.
Anti static dispensing needle is a new type of dispensing needle, which is gradually promoted in the market. The needle is very useful for dispensing. If you don't understand the characteristics of the needle and choose to use it blindly, the dispensing effect mainly depends on the use of the needle. For example, stainless steel needle and silica gel can be used for hot-melt adhesive Plastic needle, anaerobic glue using brush and Teflon needle, glue and needle are corresponding, so dispensing effect is the best.
The anti-static dispensing needles are made of anti-static materials. They have unique colors. They are black. The specifications are not many. There are only two types, 19 and 27. At present, the number of users is very long. If there is a demand, our company can sell the corresponding needles. The price is 0.9 yuan / piece. The price is quite expensive. If you have a demand, you can find our company. There are a large number of needles There are also sponge needles, all of which are new products.
There are so many styles of dispensing needles that you can see the complexity of dispensing requirements. If you have such requirements, you can find our manufacturer! It can solve quite a part of problems. The function of electrostatic dispensing needle has good dispensing effect for high viscosity glue, improves liquidity and reduces production resistance.
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