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Silicone sleeve

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Support silica gel has a fixed size, usually 100ml, 170ml, 300ml, 2600ml, etc., which has become the industry standard. Many glue manufacturers are designed according to this silica gel. In order to meet the dispensing needs, the storage of glue must solve the problems, such as: to store 300ml glue for dispensing, what dispensing accessories should be equipped with. Today I will tell you about 300ml support glue Silicone sleeve for storage.
Silicone sleeve type
There are two types of silica gel sleeve. First, there is only a single cover. Second, there is a double cover. The function is different. For convenience, the operation of the two covers will be more convenient. The internal structure is cylinder, with silica gel gasket at the front and back, and the bottom of the double-layer gasket will be larger. The silica gel sleeve is made of aluminum material, and then processed by baking paint. It has good compression resistance and corrosion resistance. It is used Long life, easy to change glue, one can be used for several years.
Combination of silicone sleeve and dispensing machine
Silica gel sleeve is also a regular dispensing part of dispensing equipment. If you have any demand in this respect, you can find our manufacturer to solve the production demand for you. Our company specializes in dispensing parts and machines, and can use both bulk and supporting glue. For the convenience of the manufacturer, our company can solve many dispensing problems. Silica gel sleeve is only a product of our company. If You have the demand, the price is cheap, has the massive spot goods.
Silicone sleeve price
The price of silica gel sleeve is 80 yuan. If you buy it in batches, the price is very low. So are other accessories. The price in batches is very low. With our machine, you can get it free! If you do not use enough dispensing equipment, you can also come to our company to understand and design a non-standard machine for you. Our company also has the corresponding core technology to fundamentally solve the problem of silicone dispensing.
Application principle of silica gel sleeve
Install the rubber outlet adapter on the rubber outlet of the supporting silica gel, place the glue in the sleeve, tighten it to avoid air leakage, connect the rubber tube from the adapter on the machine shaft, connect the inner glue to the dispensing valve, and then carry out dispensing.
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