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SM static mixing tube

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There are many types of mixing pipes, not static and dynamic, among which there are many classifications. Today, let's talk about the GSM static mixing pipe in the mixing pipe. This is a conventional mixing pipe. Its internal structure is X-type, which is easy to mix two kinds of glues easily, and the mixing rate reaches 99%. Because of its internal structure effect, many manufacturers will use GSM mixing glue.
Characteristics of GSM static mixing tube
1. Meet the mixing requirements of high viscosity glue proportion.
2. There is a big gap in the proportion of glue, and it can still be mixed.
3. It can also improve the fluidity of glue and avoid glue remaining in the mixing tube.
4. The mixing effect is 3-10 times that of square mixing tube.
5. The mixing tube is large, not easy to block, the fluidity of glue is enhanced, and the mixing effect is more significant.
6. Under the same conditions, the mixing speed of GSM static mixing tube is faster than that of ordinary spiral.
7. In all kinds of environments, the effect of GSM static mixing tube is better than that of ordinary mixing tube.
8. The large difference in the use ratio has no effect on the mixing
Mixing tube material
Outer pipe material: PP (polypropylene)
Mixed core material: PP & Nylon
Parameter table of GSM static mixing tube
Model, number of sections, inner diameter (mm), outer diameter (mm), length (mm), discharge diameter
GSM9-08 8 9.40 12.70 146 3.0
GSM9-12 12 9.40 12.70 146 3.0
GSM9-14 14 9.40 12.70 166 3.0
GSM9-16 16 9.40 12.70 185 3.0
GSM9-20 20 9.40 12.70 218 3.0

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