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Ink filling needle

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There are many types of dispensing needles. For glue types, they can be divided into PP needles, plastic needles, Teflon dispensing needles and stainless steel needles. There are various specifications of needles, 1 / 2, 1 / 4 and 1 / 8, which are relatively long, medium and short. There are also needles with 45 ° bend. As long as we need them, we basically have similar ones, but we need the number of needles that are not available in specific markets A little too much! Today, let's talk about the ink filling dispensing needle.
  The dispensing needle is made of plastic and nickel steel. The manufacturing precision of steel material is relatively accurate, the production is simple, and the yield is high, but the price is relatively expensive. Plastic is easier to make. By combining the two, the cost is reduced and the quality is good. Compared with the stainless steel needle, the price is still relatively cheap, about 0.1 yuan / piece, with a large quantity and a lower price.
  Ink filling dispensing needle is a kind of needle specially made by our company. It is also a very mature technology. On the plastic steel dispensing needle, it has been modified and added more elements. It has one more process than plastic steel production. The price is 0.12 yuan / piece. The starting batch is 500 pieces, and the full 50000 pieces. The price can go to 0.8 yuan / piece. The larger the quantity, the cheaper the price.
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