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Stainless steel curved needle tip

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Stainless steel curved needle tip, also known as stainless steel curved needle tip, is a conventional type of needle. Some glue that needs heating or high temperature is basically made of stainless steel needle. The material is resistant to high temperature. Other needles will melt. The range of use is still very wide. The selection of needle is directly related to the inner diameter. The inner diameter of the needle determines the glue output.
  The requirements of the industry are various. Some products need side gluing. When using 45 ° glue, the straight stainless steel dispensing needle can not meet the core requirements. The stainless steel curved needle tip can be directly used to meet the requirements. It does not need to tilt the product. At present, some dispensing needles of our company are: all plastic, plastic steel, stainless steel, flexible and Teflon, There are a lot of materials. The first three types have curved needles, which belong to more conventional needles.

  Features of stainless steel curved needle nozzle

  1. High dispensing accuracy and accurate measurement parameters.
  2. Applicable to all dispensing devices at present.
  3. Simple configuration, can match dispensing accuracy according to dispensing width.
  4. It is easy to clean. You can clean it with clean water.
Specification of stainless steel curved needle nozzle
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