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Conical Musashi dispensing needle

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This is a very special dispensing needle, and it is made exclusively. Musashi is a Japanese enterprise, specializing in dispensing needles. Due to the characteristics of this dispensing needle, customers like to use it, and the effect is good. Our company also acts as an agent for some Musashi dispensing needles. If you have any needs in this respect, please contact us!
  Musashi dispensing needle is one-piece, and its length is very short. The internal space can make the glue have spare space, which can provide better gluing effect. Moreover, it can be used for various types of glue, and has a good dispensing effect. Due to the design reasons, it can play a good leak proof effect.

  Characteristics of Musashi dispensing needle

  1. Integrated bayonet type, using integrated molding technology, precise structure, good continuity of glue.
  2. The internal surface is polished to improve the smoothness.
  3. The use of stainless steel control mode can improve the fluidity of glue.
  4. Production efficiency will certainly improve.

  Dispensing needle specification

  Product material: made of 304 stainless steel, pure stainless steel, and then forged with exquisite technology, the quality is absolutely guaranteed. The inner diameter of each dispensing needle is accurately measured and has good corrosion resistance effect.

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