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AB hand glue dispensing needle

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The dispensing work AB precision dispensing machine, must comply with the dispensing needle dispensing equipment. So what kind of needle does this dispenser need? If you can not directly answer, you can go to study AB glue dispensing machine, and then draw a conclusion.
AB precision dispensing needle
AB precision dispensing machine we usually use, is a precision dispensing of AB glue dispensing equipment. This dispensing machine is different from the ordinary dispenser, it has two dispensing glue barrel, respectively, with two kinds of glue, when they go into the dispensing machine for mixing, you can then precise dispensing. This also dispensing machine using a power driven approach, this way makes it when dispensing operation deep, dispensing glue which can be controlled precisely, making it in the end use for dispensing needles, can achieve high quality precision dispensing work.
AB high speed dispensing needle
Of course, in the AB precision dispensing machine to improve the dispensing density method is not only this type, the implementation of the three axis positioning system on the dispensing machine can also help dispensing equipment to improve the glue dispensing coordinates accuracy. However, the most important dispensing step in the dispensing process is at the end of the robotic arm for precise dispensing.
AB automatic dispensing needle
Then you need a reliable dispensing needle, to complete the precision dispensing machine, so the AB dispensing needle in the rubber machine, it will play an irreplaceable role. Its material is made of stainless steel, which makes it possible to achieve high precision dispensing when dispensing. This dispensing needle has many excellent properties, such as easier disassembly. Reduce dispensing dispensing needle replacement time, shorten the work time and dispensing needle.


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