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Plastic dispensing needle

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There are many kinds of dispensing needles in the dispensing machine, in which plastic materials are widely used, but most of the dispensing needles are semi plastic needles, and there are few dispensing needles made entirely of plastics. So let's get to know those plastic dispensing needles.
Plastic dispensing needle
So let's first understand the effect of the dispensing needle on the dispenser. The dispensing needle is a dispensing part which can be used for the last dispensing work in the dispensing machine execution system. Its function is to help the dispensing machine to use glue for dispensing. General dispensing needle specifications are relatively small, general dispensing needle size range is between 14G to 35G, of course, its needle size can be customized, and for dispensing convenience can be arbitrary disassembly.
Precision dispensing needle
In the production of dispensing needles, the plastic material is usually used on the base of the dispensing needle. For example, plastic seat linear stainless steel needle, plastic seat corner stainless steel needle, etc.. This is because plastic makes it more malleable, so it's better at fixing needles than metal. But in the production of dispensing needle body, or stainless steel to make the main, because this stainless steel material has very strong durability, and it can also adapt to a variety of different types of dispensing glue for dispensing.
High speed dispensing needle
The types of plastic dispensing needles we use now are less. The main plastic dispensing needle is TT oblique dispensing needle. This dispensing needle is made of all plastic, so its dispensing rate is much lower than that of the metal dispensing needle, but its price is very cheap, and the diagonal design makes this nod not prone to glue clogging, but it can be reused.

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