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Stainless steel flat mouth dispensing needle

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If you want to improve the dispensing machine dispensing precision, so you must use some can improve the dispensing density of dispensing needle, stainless steel flat mouth needle is this kind of high precision needle.
Stainless steel dispensing needle
This dispensing needle, because it uses a flat mouth design, so its dispensing amount of glue will be much smaller than the ordinary dispensing needle, but also makes its dispensing precision greatly improved. This kind of flat mouth design dispensing needle is usually made of stainless steel, the first is that this material has very strong plasticity, let it in the production of flat mouth needle can make pinhole diameter shrink to a very small extent. Two, this material has a very strong hardness and flexibility, can extend the service life of dispensing needles. The three is stainless steel itself is a very valuable metal, it is worth recycling, recycling it back, without finishing, you can immediately repeat and reuse. The design of the dispensing needle itself is relatively simple, and it can be easily disassembled, installed and replaced.
Precision dispensing needle
But it also has some drawbacks, which are inevitable. Most of these shortcomings are also focused on the design of flat mouth, because this design improves the precision of dispensing, but the amount of the needle is also greatly affected by the amount of glue. So it can't do mass dispensing.
Flat mouth dispensing needle
The disadvantages of flat mouth design will not only affect the amount of glue out, but sometimes the needle aperture is too small when it is dispensing, so that it will jam frequently when dispensing. This is because the aperture of the dispensing needle itself is too small, which makes it difficult to exclude the point impurities on the pinhole, which makes it easier to jam than the ordinary dispensing needle.
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