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High precision screw dispensing needle

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In the use of precision dispensing machine dispensing, we must know what kind of dispensing machine for dispensing needles, so that we can be precise dispensing. What dispensing needle do you need to use if you want to use a conventional precision dispenser?
High precision dispensing needle
In the use of the needle dispensing equipment must have the ability is the precision dispensing, dispensing machine's most basic needs, so we as long as high precision screw dispensing needle use high precision on the line, but we can also enhance the performance of some appropriate dispensing.
Stainless steel dispensing needle
This is not just so simple needles with precision high precision dispensing, because it is the use of stainless steel as the material, so the dispensing needle with long service life, it also adopts fine special processing technology, flash impurities can accurately remove metal parts, so that in addition to precision dispensing needles, also it can avoid the phenomenon of dispensing drawing. The design of the dispensing needle itself is simple, and it can be easily disassembled, installed and replaced.
Plastic dispensing needle
The dispensing needle it also used a design called screw, making this form is the needle tail engraved with a thread of this style, the role of the thread can strengthen the role of the fixed dispensing needle, high precision dispensing needle in the dispensing time not for dispensing needle loose, huge dispensing errors resulting in dispensing conditions. In addition, the dispensing needle and bayonet dispensing needle use the same material, and the price and other dispensing needles are cheaper, so the number of users of this dispensing needle is very much.
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