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Specification of stainless steel dot glue needle

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At present, there are more and more kinds of dispensing needles for dispensing function, all kinds of dispensing needles have different specifications, and their materials have their own characteristics, but stainless steel needles are the most popular ones. Because of its super strong wear resistance, environmental resistance, recyclability and plasticity, it can also achieve easy replacement and disassembly function, so that it can not only carry most of the glue for dispensing, but also prolong the service life of dispensing needles.
Stainless steel dot glue needle
The stainless steel dot glue needles have so many advantages, so the variety of stainless steel syringe needles is more and more abundant. It can be divided into slanting needle, flat mouth needle and high precision needle according to the way of making glue head.
Glue dispenser
When the accuracy of dispensing operation is low, most of the selection is the smallest stainless steel dispensing needle, because the caliber of this kind of needle is the smallest, which can make itself produce the highest accuracy of dispensing products. However, this kind of stainless steel adhesive head has a drawback. Because the caliber is too small, the syringe is easy to leak after finishing, and it will make the dispensing machine have no remarkable effect when using the dispensing valve for vacuum suction function. So we only need to replace it with a large stainless steel dot glue needle to solve this problem.
Precision dispensing needle
Of course, stainless steel dispensing needles also have size and size. In different dispensing machines, according to the requirements of dispensing, stainless steel dispensing needles will use their own advantages to make accurate dispensing. The specifications of dispensing needles are from 14G to 35G. In order to distinguish their size, manufacturers use different colors to mark the dispensing needles.
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