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Stainless steel needle for glue dispenser

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That many people are starting point glue needle, it is the dispenser or a small accessories glue machine for dispensing products, usually the parts prices are very cheap. In fact, the idea of the user is understandable, because the dispensing needle industry mess. This is the industry management brought about. But I want to say: these users have these ideas is wrong, can not ignore the important role of dispensing needles to play in the dispensing process.
Especially in recent years the domestic rubber industry has made a major breakthrough, all appear in the glue dispensing equipment emerge in an endless stream market. Different industries production of different products, raw materials used are different, the nature of the raw materials are different, so the choice of dispensing equipment is also different, therefore lead to the difference between the glue, it also caused a needle can not fully adapt to all kinds of glue.
This is an important reason for the stainless steel needle can quickly be applied in the industry, as the name implies the use of stainless steel needles manufacturing stainless steel processing, there are many, the needle than ordinary plastic needle has the advantages such as compressive strength, abrasion resistance, heat resistance, its surface and interior are carefully polished. The biggest advantage of the needle, which is used for a long time, the main reason why this is so much by users, for users to use can save a lot of cost of production.
With the continuous expansion of the application range of stainless steel needles, there are many kinds of stainless steel needles, such as stainless steel precision multi tube dispensing needles, stainless steel lengthening dispensing needles and other dispensing needles.
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