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Stainless steel punch pin

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The dispensing needle is an important accessory dispensing, dispensing needle selection determines the quality and effect of dispensing work, selection of high quality dispensing needle for dispensing the effect will be enhanced, stainless steel bayonet needles plays an important role in manufacturing production, ensure the precision solid tip without burr, to meet different needs dispensing.
Stainless steel needles bayonet stainless steel is a kind of special needles, stainless steel to build to have higher durability and service life, resistant to moisture have excellent corrosion resistance performance, dispensing work installed in the dispenser can more smoothly perform a variety of needs, meet with industry production requirements, precision plastic tip to enhance the cement volume control, can the path can also fill slit coating work, is a full-featured needles durable and practical.
The effect of stainless steel needles fixed bayonet on dispenser machine is very stable and smooth, this is because the top is equipped with a fixed bayonet and a bayonet dispensing needle, can effectively fix the dispensing valve in part to complete all kinds of high demand dispensing work, long time to use the tip wear degree is very low, the precision bayonet design strengthens the fixation effect in the work, dispensing needles do not fall, is a kind of efficient dispensing needle.
According to the actual situation of the user can choose stainless steel needles as dispensing bayonet accessories, suitable for various properties of fluid dispensing, coating uniform alignment precision, effectively improve the quality and efficiency of dispensing, provide the conditions for high quality stainless steel for dispensing stable dispensing, dispensing work needs to meet the users more.
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