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Double thread needling needle

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Double thread needles in the market belong to the kind of relatively rare needle, because the production process of the dispensing needle need high technology, slightly curved line thread rule, is used, so relatively rare in the market, but the effect of double thread glue dispensing needle point is very good, the glue hole diameter to reach 0.2ml, dispensing needles inside is very small, to make the process more difficult.
The quality of production of dispensing needle has a great impact on the effect of dispensing, dispensing needles which are carefully presented, but in use before they need to know how the quality of the dispensing needle, double thread needles using Teflon as the main material, then adding antiseptic materials, dispensing needle itself has antiseptic properties, the effect is more on a floor.
In the manufacturing process, the most difficult is the production of double thread, single thread only needs simple production process, only one process can make double thread, you need to be very careful, otherwise is unable to complete this process, and the double thread needles volume is relatively small, it also increases the difficulty of making the process. The production of needles need is very high, many people think that the technology does not require the production of needles, the wrong idea.
Double thread high precision dispensing needle belongs to the ranks of the needle, whether it is from the production of materials, or the production technology used, is through thousands of experiments, only selected to complete the final production, double needle thread can be applied to more sophisticated industries, the adhesive effect is very good, the precision can be controlled 0.01ml more than the quantity of cement, high precision glue effect, many industries are able to meet, dispensing needle selection use double thread.
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