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Double pipe needling needle

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There the dispensing needle dispensing machine has more high precision extended in the direction of development of intelligent high precision equipment will be equipped with professional dispensing needles, needles professional is mainly applied to use for the industry, which is mainly used in precision double needles production work.
Double needles has been widely used in high precision production, plays an important role in irregular seam filling, different from ordinary dispensing needles are two glue needle, can glue with higher precision uniformly coated on demand dispensing position, strengthen the bonding quality and packaging quality the product, do not overflow and fully filled rubber.
The higher the number of specifications represent the structure of the smaller glue dispensing needle with high precision, double dispensing needle specifications in 15G-30G, suitable for use in high speed dispensing work environment, not only will not spill glue glue and glue is of high precision, can be fully filled with glue on the object plane, stainless steel made the working life longer and more durable, corrosion resistance and excellent anti erosion performance, no burr burr and other problems, the fluid control is more smooth and efficient, to solve the user needs to fill the dispensing slit.
In addition to double needles, and the three pipe four of the needles meet customer demand high precision, accurate control to ensure the quantity of cement can be evenly coated in the dispensing position requirements, whether it is part of the package or by using a dual link adhesive dispensing needle can achieve the best effect, to support a variety of dispensing machine strengthen the dispensing precision and quality, is a high performance dispensing needle a comprehensive practical.
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