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PP glue needle

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PP dispensing needle belongs to a dispensing needle is special, the use of PP dispensing needle for dispensing can prevent scratches dispensing the workpiece surface, use mainly applied in precision parts dispensing filling work, can penetrate the complex working surface without scratches, the very wide range of general dispensing.
PP is also called polypropylene, is a thermoplastic resin, a melting point of 160 degrees Celsius, the water is very poor, also known as polypropylene, polypropylene fiber, using PP plastic dispensing needle design makes the dispensing work easier, in addition to the corrosion can not be used for dispensing glue dispensing, it use the effect of fluid types to meet in the dispensing work in different industries, is a kind of dispensing needle is mainly used in the production of small parts.
Because the material of polypropylene material, so the production process is relatively simple, a variety of dispensing devices are supported with the work, in the production process of electronic products PP dispensing needle hair plays an important role, because the structure of small electronic products, the need for registration to correct dispensing uniform meet the job requirements. Ordinary dispensing needles are easy to scratch the surface of electronic components in high speed dispensing process, in addition to affect the appearance also affect the transmission quality and effect of the signal, through the PP dispensing needle can effectively prevent scratches in the high-speed dispensing process products, plays an important role in the process of chip package.
In addition to the use of glue dispensing needle filling, but also for a variety of different types of fluid dispensing needles, PP is not suitable for high viscosity and high corrosion resistance of the glue dispensing, dispensing mode uniform correct for small products, the value of the product to further enhance.
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