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TT glue needle

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The dispensing needle has become one of the most important parts of high precision dispensing work, the more fine needles glue more fine precision, high precision dispensing needle for the industry is very broad, such as chip packaging, electronic path are needed in the application of high precision coating can meet the production requirements of dispensing, dispensing needles can configure TT enhance the scope of dispensing.
TT needles made of PE polyethylene, polyethylene with super low temperature resistant performance, the long-term application of normal work in low temperature environment, however, polyethylene temperature resistant ability is poor, it can not be used in a high temperature environment in normal dispensing, dispensing needle TT stability is very good, also for dispensing work for a long time will not affect the performance of TT, has the corrosion resistance of certain needles, however, cannot be used with glue of high demand work, shortcomings which belongs to the TT dispensing needle.
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All plastic dispensing needle TT dispensing needle designed by one oblique type, suitable for dispensing flow less demanding work, support high viscosity glue use fluidity of glue dispensing, more smooth and efficient, TT dispensing needle free of silicon and chloride, to ensure the smooth implementation of the dispensing process, will not appear glue blocking problems of use for a long time, is a practical and efficient dispensing needle.
The high demand for production of TT needles and black anti-static styles, the stability of the TT configuration of anti-static needles can strengthen the dispensing work, TT dispensing needle specifications in the 14G-28G, the higher the number of needles specifications the glue more fine uniform, equipped with TT glue needle can help users to glue application the viscosity of the glue.
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