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Stainless steel needle head double head glue needle

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Stainless steel needles belonging to a class, a small type, very much which is also divided into such as: double needles, single head needles, bending needles and so on, these are the manufacture of stainless steel materials, in order to better distinguish dispensing role is named according to the material, stainless steel double needles is a special thing, with double dispensing machine have different approaches but equally satisfactory results.
Why can become Chinese producing countries, the first is because the total population, second is productive, so the world knows what is called China manufacturing, in addition to more productive manpower, the use of accessories and the effect is very good, for example: the use of double needle dispensing head production parts, each product can be reduced by half the monthly production time, down products very much.
Double needles with dispensing speed is very high, but there are certain restrictions, can only be used on the line to the line or point to the dispensing mode, the use of other modes cannot be completed because the glue dispensing, double, so the use of the industry to be able to meet the needs of using a double dispensing syringe for production, quality or will lead to the effect of the product will affect the products, contrary to the product concept.
Stainless steel double needles is really a good dispensing equipment, although the application of the industry is much smaller than the single head needle dispensing industry, but can not ignore the effect of production and production speed, or single head dispensing needle production quickly, need to choose the dispensing needle dispensing effect, selection of dispensing a different, such as plastic dispensing needle dispensing effect in general, but the plastic needle placed in high precision dispensing industry dispensing, it can not achieve the desired results.

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