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Plastic pedestal needles

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The dispensing machine is indispensable for dispensing needles, contact dispensing machine want to achieve high precision required by dispensing needles, the dispensing needle with high precision the structure is smaller and more sophisticated, the plastic seat belongs to a dispensing needle for dispensing needle is broad, suitable for a variety of dispensing with execution for dispensing work in order to meet the needs of different users, on the accuracy of the work demand.
A plastic dispensing needle with precision production, smooth glue pattern for various working modes and have higher strength and service life, a plastic dispensing needle with double spiral locking design, dispensing work which can be completely fixed in the dispensing machine perform a stable and efficient, easy occurrence of needle dropping problem the installation and demolition work, more convenient, polyethylene material to create a stable chemical properties, can a variety of corrosive glue dispensing, a plastic dispensing needle for use in general can also be used as UV glue and other special glue, has the characteristics of high quality for a wide range of flow, to strengthen the stability of glue.
A plastic dispensing needle size between 14G-34G, the greater the number of representative structural specifications smaller dispensing accuracy higher, whether large dispenser or desktop dispenser general are suitable for dispensing a plastic dispensing needle, plastic dispensing needle seat due to the demolition of simple and convenient installation, can effectively reduce the operating personnel in the cost of changing needle the dispensing time, accurate unbiased point defects such as leakage, reducing the drawing such as glue dispensing problems for users to improve the usefulness of products.
Why are most plastic dispensing opportunities equipped with plastic seat needles for users? Because the plastic seat dispensing needles are versatile and easy to use, helping users who first contact with dispensing work more smoothly.
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