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Teflon dispensing needle

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The dispensing needle as a small accessories dispensing device, although it is small, but essential to play in the role of the dispensing process. Therefore although the problem is often blocked, dispensing needle drawing, trailing in the dispensing process still are frequently used in industrial production.
Due to the dispensing needle with the continuous improvement of production technology, dispensing needle type and function are also changing constantly, for example: stainless steel needles, high precision dispensing needles, plastic dispensing needles, screw dispensing needles, precision dispensing needle and Teflon tube needles, because the raw materials products in the production process different, so in the choice of the use of glue types are different, some glue viscosity is relatively strong, some contrary, viscosity is relatively weak. Therefore needles in choosing the appropriate users often do not know how to start.
So if you need a high precision dispensing, dispensing needle glue with low viscosity should be how to choose? Just fit the characteristics of operation characteristics of Teflon dispensing needle. Teflon dispensing needle is particularly suitable for low viscosity glue (cyanoacrylate) and CA. In the use of the needle, can prevent the obstruction and damage of basement cyanoacrylate. The needle containing silicon and chloride, with a double needle and a thread of polypropylene tube in Teflon lining precision pressing stainless steel needle inner lining from exposed about 1/8"
This is after the Teflon needles made of precision, usually the error will not be greater than 0.01 mm diameter steel pipe, are using a unique technology, five edge processing, inside and outside wall of the pipe after careful polishing process, ensure in the dispensing process of precision dispensing.

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