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Plastic needles

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At this stage the market is expanding with the dispensing accessories application of dispensing technology, as an important parts of dispensing dispensing needle work, influence on dispensing technology is larger, more needles high precision workmanship fine structure is smaller, plastic dispensing link dispensing needle is mainly used in the production line of electronic components, effectively help users complete dispensing work more comprehensive.
Plastic dispensing needle with PE polyethylene has excellent low-temperature resistance, stable chemical properties so that it can perform long-term dispensing without damage, the effect of flow plastic dispensing needle with special design makes the glue increased accordingly, strengthen the work of the smooth degree of glue, plastic color variety, can effectively shield the ultraviolet light for the use of UV glue dispensing fluid, the tapered design is suitable for various high viscosity for dispensing.
Plastic dispensing needle with a double spiral design, can effectively fix the execution in the dispensing valve on the long-term stable and efficient glue dispensing needle, polyethylene made of soft, so the products can be dispensed without scratching the surface, plays an important role in the chip package demolition work, simple and easy to use, provide dispensing the effect of higher quality for the user, can go deep into the slit in the filling work uniform and correct, save glue supplies and improve the accuracy of dispensing.
In fact, plastic needles have very long working life, made from PE material which has excellent properties of anti scratch resistant, supports a variety of rubber barrel and dispensing valve supporting work, suitable for a variety of commonly used fluid dispensing, such as paste, glue, silver glue, red glue, silica gel, precision manufacturing the plastic glue the needle on the transformation of glue rate increase.
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