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Glue brush needle

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Dispensing needle dispensing accessories as dispensing equipment of the dispensing process to the drainage and precision control effect on the glue glue, in recent years, with the rapid increase of dispensing equipment sales, but also promote the sales of the use of dispensing accessories market. The rapid increase in market sales, but also enhance the enthusiasm of production the manufacturers, so the needles and other accessories in recent years regardless of species or have been greatly improved in performance parts.
Nowadays, there are many kinds of dispensing needles in the market of dispensing accessories, such as stainless steel multi tube dispensing needles, precision multi tube dispensing needles, stainless steel bayonet, dispensing needles, plastic dispensing needles and dispensing brush needles. Although there are many kinds of dispensing, when it comes to special, brush needle is the first. Unlike other dispensing needles, this dispensing needle is mainly applied to large area dispensing production, which can improve the production efficiency of dispensing.
As a result of industrial production as a kind of chip small size product is more and more popular, so the chip industry has become nowadays the most popular industry, you need to use the chip production to dispensing equipment, but due to the small volume of the chip products, but the need of dispensing and large area, uniform; so ordinary dispensing needles may also be in dispensing, dispensing efficiency is too slow, resulting in chip market demand, manufacturers in order to meet the needs of the market, the invention of the brush needle.
Glue brush needle has no hair loss, anti static, usually have two colors for users: white and yellow hard two. This needle pays attention to the large area of gumming in industrial production.

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