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  • Different types of Teflon needles

    field.writer/ :2019-08-20 Clicks:310

    Teflon dispensing needle Large needles are used for dispensing operation, in which the pressure is relatively small and the dispensing time is long. Use hand-held teaching boxes to set the pressure to be stable, otherwise the performance of glass disp...

  • Introduction of High Precision Dispensing Needle for Control

    field.writer/ :2019-08-10 Clicks:207

    With the development of dispensing technology, the demand for dispensing needle is higher and higher. The accuracy of dispensing depends not only on the dispensing valve, but also on the accuracy of dispensing needle. It has a great impact on the dispensi...

  • Standard allocation of dispensing machine screw injection ne

    field.writer/ :2019-07-16 Clicks:226

    With the development of dispensing technology, the use of glue injection needle has been applied more intensively. The screw injection needle belongs to the auxiliary equipment of standard glue injection. It can be connected to the dispensing valve or dis...

  • Flat-mouthed Soft Hair Needle Direct Supply with Uniform Glu

    field.writer/ :2019-07-05 Clicks:286

    There are many special types of dispensing needles for different applications. This needle with no injuries and uniform gluing is called flat-mouthed soft wool needle. The structure of soft wool at the bottom is to prevent the problem of scratching the su...

  • Introduction of plastic seat bending needle for dispensing m

    field.writer/ :2019-06-24 Clicks:179

    The important role of dispensing needle (dropping needle tube) is embodied in the use of carriers loaded into rubber valves, needle barrels, etc. In some industries, a special bending needle is needed to uniformly coat the fine seams, which is reflected i...

  • Precision dispensing needle selection for dispensing coating

    field.writer/ :2019-04-22 Clicks:233

    The dispensing needle installed at the bottom of the rubber valve or needle is often overlooked by users. The value of the small dispensing needle to improve the accuracy can not be ignored. This paper introduces a special dispensing needle for users to u...

  • Dispensing Machine Accessories - Conical Needles with Multi-

    field.writer/ :2019-03-26 Clicks:268

    There are many kinds of dispensing needles. Different kinds of needles should be selected according to the industry application. The tapered needle made of PP material can be used in the production links of plane sealant for products that are not easy to ...

  • TT dispensing needle for high viscosity substance control

    field.writer/ :2019-02-15 Clicks:170

    The dispensing needle is one of the sub-categories of all plastic dispensing needles, and its simple configuration and suitable for high viscosity glue are its remarkable characteristics, which is also one of the reasons for its reuse. Plastic dispensing ...

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