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  • Stainless steel needle for glue dispenser

    field.writer/ :2018-01-08 Clicks:243

    That many people are starting point glue needle, it is the dispenser or a small accessories glue machine for dispensing products, usually the parts prices are very cheap. In fact, the idea of the user is understandable, because the dispensi...

  • The stud needles have those models

    field.writer/ :2017-12-18 Clicks:152

    In dispensing process, we need to know the size of the dispensing needles, so that we can better use our own dispensing needles to complete the dispensing work according to the needs of the products. Different kinds of glue needles are not...

  • Will there be a problem with the precision needles

    field.writer/ :2017-12-18 Clicks:242

    All the precise dispensing machines cannot finish the perfect dispensing when dispensing. The location of dispensing glue sometimes deviate. Do the dispensing needles also have problems? If there is a problem of dispensing needles, how can...

  • Where the needles are cheaper

    field.writer/ :2017-12-12 Clicks:188

    In the purchase of the glue needles, the quality is almost the same if there are two kinds of the same kind of glue needles. So we can choose the low price point glue needle at this time, so you need to know the price of the glue needle is...

  • Why the needles are called consumables

    field.writer/ :2017-12-12 Clicks:280

    Dispensing needles, as one of the most important parts of dispensers, are often used in dispensing. They are often replaced because they are often used in the process of use, so they are also called consumables. Dispenser is often used to t...

  • How to use plastic needles correctly

    field.writer/ :2017-12-11 Clicks:319

    When using dispensers, we will use all kinds of dispensing needles. The cheapest material in these dispensing needles is plastic, because the material of plastic makes it produce much less glue than ordinary metal needles. And because the p...

  • Specification of stainless steel dot glue needle

    field.writer/ :2017-12-08 Clicks:289

    At present, there are more and more kinds of dispensing needles for dispensing function, all kinds of dispensing needles have different specifications, and their materials have their own characteristics, but stainless steel needles are the...

  • High precision screw dispensing needle

    field.writer/ :2017-11-25 Clicks:176

    In the use of precision dispensing machine dispensing, we must know what kind of dispensing machine for dispensing needles, so that we can be precise dispensing. What dispensing needle do you need to use if you want to use a conventional pr...

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