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The cause of the bubble is the cause of the precision dispen

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In the usual spot glue dispensing operation, there are often some bad phenomenon, such as glue blocking, glue dispenser leakage phenomenon and so on. There are many reasons for these phenomena, such as the silica gel valve problem, the size of the stainless steel dot glue needle, the suitable material and the external environment. In the process of glue dispensing, the bubble is also a common problem in the dispensing operation, so what are the reasons for this problem?
Precision dispensing valve
When the glue in the glue dispenser appears bubbles, the precision dispensing valve plays a very important role. This is because the precision glue valve is responsible for the precise control and storage of the glue.
Automatic dispensing valve
If the dispensing valve is closed, the valve closed unstable phenomenon, will make the dispensing glue dispensing valve outflow, the result is: make the outside air by the back pressure effect, into the dispensing valve and storage of the glue chemical action, make gum aquatic angry bubble phenomenon. The solution is also very simple. Just checking the dispensing valve is usually caused by damage or lack of lubrication, which makes the dispensing valve fail to play its role. As long as the parts are replaced, or the key parts are lubricated, the glue can be used normally.
High speed glue valve
If it is not the problem of the dispensing valve itself, it may be that the dispensing machine itself has some problems in numerical setting, which will cause the glue to generate more power and cause the glue flow speed to increase, making the opening time of the precise dispensing valve shorter. Finally makes the valve air impact have the opportunity to enter into the dispensing valve and also by the back pressure, into the internal causes of colloid bubble glue phenomenon. The fastest way to solve this problem is to replace the original needle with a slant type of dot glue needle.
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